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Poster List

Last Name First Name Poster Title
Ahmed Ahmed Be Star Disks at Low Metallicity
Alarie Alexandre Hyperspectral view of NGC 6992 and Cas A
Barmby Pauline Globular Cluster Colours Versus Population Synthesis Models
Beaulieu Sylvie F Applying for Open Time with HIFI
Bergeron Pierre A Comprehensive Spectroscopic Analysis of DB White Dwarfs
Bohlender David Returning to My UWO Roots: The First New Magnetic Star Detected with a New Liquid Crystal Polarimeter Module on the DAO 1.8-m Telescope
Braden Jonathan Scale Dependence and Entropy Production During Reheating
Briere Elaine RINGS: The RSS Imaging spectroscopy Nearby Galaxy Survey
Brown Peter Collaborative Planetary Science Outreach Strategies: A Canadian Perspective
Cannon Kipp Low-Latency Gravitational-Wave Transient Identification
Cardigan Smith Blair Comparing the Dark Matter Haloes of Isolated and Group Galaxies
Chang Philip The Double-Degenerate Path to Type Ia Supernova
Conidis George Evolution of Stellar Pulsations: A Case Study of XX Cyg
Cote Stephanie Canadian Gemini Updates
Crabtree Dennis The Impact of Canadian Astronomy in the First Decade of the 21st Century
Crabtree Dennis Discover the Universe â€" An Astronomy Training Program for Outdoor Interpreters
Davidge Timothy The Recent Star-Forming History of M33
Deg Nathan The Sagittarius Stream, Statistics, and the Dark Halo Shape: The Perilous World of Priors
Deo Rajesh Is the AGN dust torus an accretion-powered dusty wind?
DeSouza Alexander Characterizing the role of gravitational torques on circumstellar disk evolution
Dupuis Jean WD1337+705 revisited
Elahi Pascal Finding streams in the dark: A new approach to find substructures in dark matter halos
Foyle Kelly Examining the Dust Properties of M83
Fraser Wesley Occultations by Kuiper belt Objects - Quaoar the Test Case
Gagne Ronald Two Winters of Canadian High Arctic Ground-Layer Turbulence Measurements
Gallo Luigi Astro-H: the mission, the science, and Canadian participation
Gianninas Alexandros Selected Results from a Survey of Bright Hydrogen-Rich White Dwarfs
Golding Jennifer The Molecular content of a sample of Nearby Galaxies and the LCO-LFIR relation
Golriz Sanaz Digging for dusty minerals around AGB stars in the Galactic Bulge.
Grandmont Frederic Sitelle, a Wide Field Imaging FTS for CFHT
Griffin R. Elizabeth The DAO Plate and Science Archive
Halonen Robbie The Polarization Signature from Multiple Scattering in Classical Be Stars
Hamed Gamal Theoretical IR Continuum Images of Be Star Disks
Harper-Clark Elizabeth Interactive techniques in the astronomy classroom
Harris Gretchen Supermassive Black Holes and Globular Clusters
Henderson Robert A Highly Energetic Jet Outburst in Abell 2390
Hesser Jim Looking Back...Looking Forward: Year 1 of Beyond the International Year of Astronomy 2009
Hill Allison Characterizing the Nuclear Structure and Activity in Compact Group Galaxies: A Case Study of HCG 7, HCG 42, and HCG 59
Hou Annie Substructure in the GEEC Galaxy Groups: Not All is Red and Dead
Jackel Ben Transport of Magnetic Helicity in Accretion Disks
Jones Carol Interferometric Polarimetry: new insights for classical Be stars
Kafando Issouf Calibration of the effective temperature and surface gravity of blue-horizontal branch stars with uvbyβ photometry
Karimi Bahman Investigation of deconvolution effects in VLBI images of SN 1993J
Kavelaars JJ The structure of the Kuiper belt as measured by CFEPS.
Keller Ben Probing Polarization in Faint Radio Sources using Median Stacking
Khalack Viktor Paschen-Back effect versus Zeeman effect when applied to spectral analysis of magnetic stars.
Kirsh Dave Rapid planetesimal formation in turbulent circumstellar disks
Klassen Mikhail Simulating Protostellar Evolution and Radiative Feedback from Stars in the Cluster Environment
Komorowski Peter The Carter Constant for Inclined Orbits About a Massive Kerr Black Hole
Leahy Denis Suzaku/XMM-Newton X-ray Spectral Study of the Cygnus Loop
Lee-Waddell Karen Tidal Dwarfs in the Interacting Galaxy Group NGC 3166/9?
Matthews Jamie An ultradense super-Earth transiting a naked-eye star
McDonald Brittany Variable, Low-surface Brightness Extended Sources Associated with Stars Discovered with Difference Imaging
Musci Reto An Optical Survey for Interstellar Meteors
Naylor David Observing with the SPIRE imaging Fourier transform spectrometer.
Ngo Henry NEOSSat's new NEO orbital model
Peralta Raphael Particularity of chemical abundance of the Blue Horizontal-Branch stars in NGC6752
Percy John Linking the GalileoScope to the Ontario Secondary School Astronomy and Optics Curricula
Pfeiffer Harald Binary black hole simulations for gravitational wave science
Pugh Teznie The Variability of α Scorpius A
Quirion Pierre-Olivier Mode Identification with Multicolored Photometry of the sdB Star Feige 48
Rogerson Jesse Investigating MgII Absorption in Paired Quasar Sight-Lines
Russell John Hydrodynamic simulations of interacting gas giants forming in a protoplanetary disk
Safi-Harb Samar X-ray and Radio Studies of the Plerionic Supernova Remnant CTB 87 (G 74.9+1.2): An Evolved Pulsar Wind Nebula?
Schirm Maximilien A Spectroscopic Study of the Antennae (NGC 4038/39) using Herschel
Shiu Horace Mass-loss rates of AGB stars in six dwarf spheroidal galaxies
Silaj Jessie Using Be-shell spectra to constrain theoretical disk models
Silber Elizabeth Infrasonic detection and analysis of the Oct 8, 2009 Bolide over Indonesia
Sills Alison Things that shouldn't be in globular clusters -- are they all connected?
Sinnott Brendan Viewing Core-Collapse Supernova Asymmetry with Spectroscopy of Light Echoes
Sliwa Kazimierz High Resolution Interferometric Observations of the Galaxy Merger Arp 299
Smith Ian The Mass and Wind-Momentum Ratios of the Colliding-Wind Binary WR140
Sreenilayam Gopika Hot and Cold Dust Near HII Regions
Stil Jeroen Cosmic Magnetism and the Deep Polarized Sky
Thanjavur Karun Public outreach and education at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT)
Thanjavur Karun Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Telescopes
Vishniac Ethan The Growth of Astrophysical Magnetic Fields
Vulic Neven Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries in Globular Cluster systems in M51
Ward Rachel Connecting the Dots: Comparing Simulations and Synthetic Observations of Star-forming Clumps in Molecular Clouds
Webb Jeremy The Tidal Radii of Globular Clusters in M87
Woods Rory Cold Flows in Cosmological SPH Simulations